Your child's poop condition can speak a lot about their health and well-being.

A baby's poop colour and consistency will change due to changes in their diet. So what's normal and what isn't?

Our Poop Checker Tool is here to help! Use the sliders to select the colour and consistency that most closely matches your child's poop. Alternatively, upload a photo to let our AI Algorithm analyse and provide care advice.

More than 90% of mothers of infants and toddlers concluded that an automated tool to score stool consistencies would be helpful1

With the advancement of smartphone technology, AI now allows for the assessment of children's stool consistencies. This tool is easy to use and gives access to real-time objective stool consistency scoring. Using this AI tool also helps to overcome limitations of other methods relying on caregiver reporting.

1 Ludwig, T.; Oukid, I.; Wong, J.; Ting, S.; Huysentruyt, K.; Roy, P.; Foussat, Agathe C.; Vandenplas, Y., Machine Learning Supports Automated Digital Image Scoring of Stool Consistency in Diapers, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition: December 01, 2020

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